by Samantha Lund, News Editor

We read dozens of articles, news stories and feature pieces from outlets all over. Each week we will post the best of the best from the articles we’ve read. You can check out our inspiration for these pieces here.


How does fat leave the body? Most health professionals don’t actually know how we lose fat when we work out. When you move around, you don’t actually burn fat. Most of the fat mass in breathed out as carbon dioxide. You exhale it! Check it out.

Searching for Sex. Almost everything you could want to know about sex, people’s sex lives and if it’s not in here, you’ll find out how to find it.

ghost busters

The Politics of the Next Dimension: Do Ghosts Have Civil Rights? Who doesn’t want to read about ghost busters and the politics behind the movement?


Losing my boyfriend to cancer at 29One woman’s journey through a tough disease with her partner. Sad, touching and worth the read.

There’s no mortality in exercise: I’m a Fat Person and Made a Successful Fitness App.


Online Content: We’re finally on a Flight to Quality. New York Times’ Seth Stephens-Davidowitz analyzes data about sex and society, with a twist — the data is from Google searches, not surveys. The result? You feel a little less alone. ◼︎

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