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Through the window, Sam could see Mt. Rainier in the distance – just his daily reminder that he will someday climb it. The mountain is my motivation, he repeats his mantra in his head. One day, Sam Couch will summit Mt. Rainier. For now, he’s summiting Tingelstad.

After finishing his psychology homework, Sam checked on what was happening with his residents. He couldn’t help but reflect on how much he had hoped to be the Resident Assistant for the ninth floor of T-stad when he heard that the floor was reopening and how that dream came true.

Sam Couch

Sam’s love for the hall began when he moved in last year. He loves how diverse the people are. He loves how he can always see a new face in the elevator or walking down the hall. Sure Tingelstad has a reputation for being the loud dorm, but Sam couldn’t help but think how social and outgoing and friendly everyone is. It is a place for introverts because the extroverts can help pull them out of their shell, Sam said.

Tingelstad is awesome, he said to himself.

Sam loves to support everyone around him. One of those people is first-year Rika Boorsma.

Rika took the elevator back down to the third floor after getting a pep talk from Counselor Couch in the Penthouse. Midterms were coming up and she was starting to feel stressed, but Sam is a great mentor and helped reassure her.

Like usual, a lot was happening on the third floor.

Rika borrowed a scooter from someone who lived in the wing across from her. She was talking on the phone with one hand and attempting to eat a sandwich with the other while on the scooter.

She laughed to herself as she remembered the day that a guy on the other side of the floor was using a milk carton as a pretend weapon to start a war. Everyone played along, but Rika realized she had the same brand of milk carton in her own fridge. She ran to her fridge and the two of them battled out their milk war. He made fun of Rika for her skim milk, but it didn’t faze her.

That’s the beauty of Tingelstad. You can meet a new person every day and there are never ending possibilities for having a good time. What other place just doesn’t question a milk war?

Rika Boorsma (1)

After the exhaustion of the milk carton fight, Rika took the elevator down to the first floor and walked through the lobby to the front doors. One of her favorite desk workers gave her a big smile. Have a great day, his words echoed. And she smiled because she knew she would.

Tingelstad is awesome, she said to herself.

This is a small glimpse of the 300 resident community. This is a small glimpse of a day in Tingelstad Residence Hall.

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