Tonight’s Mast Radio Hour covered some pretty tough topics.

Conservatives on campus are in the minority, and arguably, an oppressed minority under a seemingly liberal majority. We shared stories from students who identify as conservatives and how their interactions with other students have played out due to the negative connotation that surrounds the word “conservative.”

Guest news reporter Paris Franklin also made an appearance on the show tonight talking about some great programs that the Residential Hall Association (RHA) is putting on to teach students about sustainability. One of the events is the UnPLUg, which encourages students to spend an hour or more outside of their residence halls doing activities that do not use power. One of the activities is an acoustic concert in The Cave. We also talked about how we had a power outage on Upper and East Campus recently, and that at the same time, residents halls at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks also experienced a power outage that was, of course, unrelated to ours here at Pacific Lutheran University, but rather coincidental.

Our big story tonight was about censorship and what students can and cannot say on social media. We aired stories from Connie Gardner, Assistant Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Dr. Diane Harney, Associate Professor of Communication, and a student that was recently affected by the student code of conduct, David Leon.

Leon was the admin of the now infamous PLU Confess & Misc page, which had to change its name to prevent confusion over affiliation with the university. While David encouraged his audience to anonymously post the most “vile and repugnant things” on this confession page, a post on sexual assault landed him in trouble with the administration. Make sure you read all about it in this weeks edition of The Mast.

Also a big thank you to Jake Bilyeu who once again provided us with our Go Lutes! Athletics Update.

Thanks for listening tonight!


-Eddie J. McCoven


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