Fashionable Lutes have been building up a rockin’ winter wardrobe. Their cold-weather looks are tried and true, but what are Lutes to do when a beautiful spring day comes around?

Staff writer Brooke Wolfe looked through the closets of three Pacific Lutheran University students and picked basic pieces that allow anyone to flawlessly transition from cool winter looks to hot spring fashions.

genny boots


First-year Genny Boots rocks dark washed jeans, knee-high riding boots, a soft graphic tee and a cozy flannel, creating the perfect winter outfit. A mix of color and warmth creates an effortlessly comfortable look. For transitioning into spring, the outfit can quickly be changed by wearing the graphic tee and flannel with a simple body-con skirt and tights. Keep the boots for extra warmth during chilly spring mornings.


First-year Jesse Kenduck models a chunky cardigan thrown over a t-shirt worn with a thick legging. For the sunshine months, cut the leggings and replace them with shorts. Layering tights under the denim incorporates a fun mix of different patterns.


Junior Zachery Kuntz shows khakis combined with a denim button-up can be layered with a sweater to adjust to changing winter temperatures. But once the sun rises, so should the hem lines. Switching out the floor length pant for mid-knee shorts allows for a similar outfit to move to spring. Ditch the sweater for a pair of long socks to optimize the season’s look. ◼︎

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