by Jeff Dunn (DJ Sketchy Jeff)

Finding Emo premiered two songs from Brampton, Ontario band New Design, as well as a demo track from the band Heavy Mantle. Both bands reached out to us via Facebook groups Nik and I are apart of.

In an effort to make the show more fun and exciting, we introduced some games we want to play with each other and listeners. Games include but are not limited to “Where’s Kane?,” where we take guesses as to where our non-existent third host is hiding; “Celeb Hug or Drug,” where we say a celebrity and choose whether we’d like to hug them, or do drugs with them.

Finally, we’re starting a weekly “Guess the Theme” contest where listeners can call in and guess the theme of that night’s show. All correct guesses will receive a free (!) signed (!) t shirt from on of either mine or Nik’s past employments (Including but not limited to: Target, Cold Stone Creamery and Sub Zero).

This week’s theme was “trompoots” and featured a ton of emo bands utilizing the trumpet as a lead or harmony instrument.

Music this week included:

  • Glocca Mora
  • American Football
  • Owls
  • Toe
  • One Hundred Year Ocean

Tune in next week and call in to guess the theme! Here’s a hint: It’s not The Beatles.

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