1. Sneak into Chapel

Whether organized religion is your thing or not, there is something undeniably chill about the atmosphere in a place of worship. At the very top of Karen Hille Phillips Center is the Ness Family  Chapel that is usually open to the public. Go visit the Rose Window close up and take a breather on the wooden benches.

Ultimate frisbee2. Don’t stress eat, stress compete

Sign up for intramural sports. Join a team for your favorite sport or something totally new and take an hour out of your week to work up a sweat.

3. Visit the Garden

The Pacific Lutheran University kicked it up a notch when they created the Community Garden. Our campus garden has never looked so fresh and there are plenty of benches to sit, meditate and relax. You can even munch on a tomato or two while you are there.

4. Sign up for an adventure

Take a weekend and hang out in the woods, kayak in the Sound or even rock climb. Outdoor Recreation has a trip every weekend for a minimal cost and there is no better way to chill than being out in fresh air.

5. Sit back and listen


PLU is known for our incredible music program, and a bonus for the rest of campus is that we can enjoy free, professional concerts. Live music is a treat, but free live music is even better- Relax and listen to jazz, orchestra or choir performances throughout the year.

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