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The residence halls’ front desks do more than just give mail or rent out cleaning and cooking supplies. Most front desks also offer games and activities for students.

“College students have a limited budget,” said Kreidler’s community assistant with additional duties (CAAD), senior Kyrie Benson.

Having an inventory of supplies that can be checked out from front desks lightens the load for students.

What each front desk has to offer is different and everything offered to students is “based on some sort of a need,” whether it’s practical or social, said Hinderlie’s Residence Hall Council president, sophomore Kiera Stevens.

“The main source of funding [for the front desk] comes from Res Life,” said Harstad’s resident assistant with additional duties (RAAD), junior Katie Coddington.“But if RHC has leftover funds, they can use that to fill in that need.”

Coddington also stated that funding is based on the number of residents. So, a large hall like Tinglestad will have more funds to start out with compared to smaller halls.

Students do have a voice in what the front desk supplies for students.
“We don’t know what you want or need,” Coddington said. Most halls have a suggestion box, “or talk to your RA” Coddington suggested.

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