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You know when that Wednesday night 8:43 p.m. need-to-study-but-really-don’t-want-to feeling kicks in? Pacific Lutheran University has an event for that.

If you come knocking on the doors of the CAVE ‘round 9 p.m. Wednesday night, you’ll bump right into the Highly Unstructured Midweek Procrastination club, otherwise known as H.U.M.P.

While famous for their techniques in professional procrastination, H.U.M.P. provides a safe space for students to express themselves and float in a pool of stress-free activity. H.U.M.P hosts events such as bingo, movie nights, card games and mid-semester milk and cookies.

“Most students just need a break. H.U.M.P. is a spot for young adults to come and practice good procrastination,” said sophomore Lexi Johnson, leader and creator of H.U.M.P.

The club has some big plans for the future. It’s offering a chance for students to sing along to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” at a karaoke night. On Nov. 18, students are encouraged to bring themselves, their closest frenemies and the coolest slam/rap/song they wrote in their diaries circa 2014 for open mic night.

If your aura flashes green and red and you enjoy gift giving a little bit more than the average citizen, H.U.M.P. has planned a procrastination evening for you. Come holiday season, H.U.M.P. will host a gingerbread house building event.

“In December, around the time of finals, I’m [cancelling] a commuter H.U.M.P. to invite students to come and do some meditation – possibly yoga, or something spunky,” Johnson said.

If 9 p.m. is too late for you some of you commuter Lutes, don’t fret. There is a commuter H.U.M.P. event every second week of the month from 4-6 p.m.

If you procrastinate on Wednesday nights, why not procrastinate together? Grab a friend and park it in the CAVE for a little bit of homework-free fun. ◼︎

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