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Lute Air Student Radio, more commonly known as LASR, is Pacific Lutheran University’s own student-run radio station. Broadcasted from the bottom of Anderson University Center, LASR aims to “represent the tastes and musical diversity of the student body at [PLU] and the greater local and global communities.” If you’ve ever wanted to be a DJ or radio personality, here are the five steps to do so according to DJs and LASR leaders Eddie McCoven and Haleigh Missildine.

1. Sign Up

McCoven: “The first thing is you have to sign up. You have to come to the office hours and talk to one of the station leaders like myself, or email the LASR General Manager at [to] let the GM know you’re interested.”

2. Training

Missildine: “You then need to do a DJ training on how to run the boards, what you can say, what you can’t say, and how to answer a call.”

3. Spinitron

McCoven: “From there you sign up for a Spinitron account. Sprinitron is a wonderful piece of software we use to make sure that when you’re playing a song on the radio, it shows up on the screen at the same time.”

4. Planning & Playing

Missildine: “After that, you can sign up for a show time. Then you come in, sign in, and then play your show. Most people do it off their laptops, but some play records or cassettes if they want to be cool and crazy. Some people plan out their shows and some just do it as they go.”

5. Promotion

McCoven: “Fifth is promoting it. Make a Facebook page, make a twitter account. Make sure that everyone knows you’re doing your show at [whatever] time. LASR is fun and can be really cool thing.” ◼︎

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