Jake Bilyeu, Sports Writer

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is prolonging Deflate-Gate and it’s time to stop.

Goodell should relinquish his power and a strong candidate to fill the position could be a former Seahawks President.
The list of Goodell’s misjudgements as NFL Commissioner has been run into the ground to the point that his credibility has been driven 6 feet further. Regardless of if it’s a domestic violence case or something interfering with the integrity of the game, he always comes out on the losing end.

Even when Goodell tries to control the game on the field, he continuously diminishes the NFL brand.

His petty attempts to make football seem like a serious business, like the unnecessary elimination of touchdown celebrations or changing the length of the point after touchdowns (PAT) from 20-yards back to 33-yards.

The fundamentals of the game are being completely changed because a tyrant in charge of America’s Game.
The NFL recently hired Tod Leiweke being hired as Chief Operating Officer, which seems to have gone unnoticed by most.

As President of the Seattle Seahawks, he planted the seed for a team that would ultimately lose the Super Bowl in 2005.
Almost a decade later, the Seahawks ascended to the top behind many moves that had been made by Leiweke before he left the team, including the hiring of Pete Carroll.

The NFL should be worried about more than saving one team. With Goodell being a cancer to the NFL, the league may want Leiweke to save all 32 teams, not just the shield. Implementing Leiweke as the face of the organization could save it.
What would basically be the NFL kicking Roger Goodell out of office seems like a bold move, the Leiweke hiring should already come as a surprise. The NFL went nearly a decade with an empty seat at the COO spot.

The last time they needed someone to fill the void was when Paul Tagliabue considered retiring as NFL Commissioner, a path he ultimately took.

His COO and eventual replacement was none other than Roger Goodell.
The biggest concern is when will this position change occur? As long as he is sitting comfortably in the chair, it is only a matter of time until he messes up again.

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