Black and yellow are the official colors of Pacific Lutheran University.

Austin Hilliker, Sports Editor

Jet black and a rich gold. Two colors that have defined Pacific Lutheran University since it first opened in 1890.

The colors not only represent the prestigious institution and its rigorous education system, they also represent the hard work, dedication and pride of PLU athletics.

It’s Personal

I’ve always taken a sense of pride in school colors that I represent. In junior high, it was blue and yellow. In high school, it was red, white and blue. No matter where I went, I wanted people to know the school that I attended.
In high school, if someone would have told me that in the near future I would be decked out in black and gold, I would have laughed. Black and gold were the colors of my rival high school. There was no way that would happen.
I now stand corrected. The clothes in my closet, black and gold. The decals on my car, black and gold Even my phone case, black and gold.

On the field

For many PLU athletes, putting on a black, gold or white jersey was a feeling all its own.

For me, I was lucky enough to experience the feeling first hand on the football field.

With “Lutes” spread across the back of the jersey, my teammates and I knew right away that everything that we did from that point on was a reflection of ourselves and the school that we play for.

As a football player, there was an addition to this rule. We went the extra mile to make sure that we were genuine, thoughtful and caring on the football field. Yes, even on the football field.

We would help opposing players up off the ground, tell them that they were doing a good job and other things of that nature. We all played for the black and gold that we were wearing. Not just for ourselves.

Off the field

Within the community it was a special privilege to tell someone that you played sports for PLU.

Manners meant everything. Saying hello, goodbye, please and thank you.

Most of the time, people’s eyes would light up. They would be amazed that a young person was portraying a school so well, unless it was a University of Puget Sound student or alum, for some reason they really don’t like us. Either way, we always showed them respect. I digress.

Each and every time I get the chance to wear the colors, I’m proud of it. I’m proud to represent a school, community and team that stands for so much. I’m proud to be a Lute. ◼︎

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