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Girls and Cats rule the airwaves with the show operated by one fun Lute Air Student Radio DJ.

With her shows “Girls Time” and “We Love Cats More Than You,” Angela Shier is filling the air with great music and silly antics.

In alliance with senior Olivia Ash, Shier DJs “Girls Time,” a radio show dedicated to showcasing and promoting the music of female artists. The title of the show is even inspired by Beyonce’s pre-Destiny’s Child girl group, “Girls Tyme.”

“Because female artists rule!” Shier said.

Shier’s second show, “We Love Cats More Than You,” is a music and comedy hour that airs 10 p.m. Thursday nights. Including fellow DJ senior Jakob Maier, “We Love Cats More Than You” features hits from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s.

WLCMTY is often quite unpredictable and fun,” Shier said. “You never know what might happen.”

Such fun antics on Shier’s shows include having pizza delivered in the middle of a broadcast, an interesting featured on “Girls Time.”

Since becoming a LASR DJ as a first-year, Shier has greatly enjoyed the LASR family and broadcasting music to the PLU community.

“It’s a fun community to be part of,” Shier said. “It’s the best time of the week to kick back in the studio, talk into microphones and share music with listeners.” ◼︎

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