By Brittany Jackson
Copy Editor

As my time at PLU comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on my college experience and the good times I’ve had. Though I have only been a member of The Mast for less than a year, it has been one of my favorite experiences at PLU.

I initially got involved with The Mast because I knew it would complement my studies in the communication department and would be a beneficial step in pursuing my future career in the publishing industry.

During this past year, I have definitely grown in more ways than just one. Each week, I get to collaborate with a talented group of students and that experience has made me a better editor.

While my editing skills have increased, the relationships and trust that I formed with my co-workers has been the best part of my experience at The Mast.
We hold each other to high standards and depend on each other to help answer difficult questions. It’s exciting and challenging and the end result of all our hard work is an amazing issue of The Mast every Friday.

I’m thankful for the group of people I get to work with and call my friends and my time at The Mast. ◼︎

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