Allie Reynolds
Mast TV General Manager

When I first decided to join the Mast Media crew almost two years ago, I expected to learn journalism and leadership skills, but I also learned something more valuable: teamwork.

Working at Mast TV and The Mooring Mast has taught me that no matter how dire the circumstances, you can make the most of it if you have the best people by your side.

As some of you may know, Student Media went through some big changes this year. We’re no longer paid by stipends and took a big cut in our own individual outlet budgets.

You would think that these circumstances would hinder us this year, that because we were being paid less, we wouldn’t be as motivated or willing to work. But, we proved ourselves and the community wrong this year. Sure, we weren’t happy about the situation, but when you work with as great of a group of people as I do, you’re excited to go to work.

The Mast Media team is one of the most hard-working, dedicated groups of people on this campus, and that’s because we like what we’re doing. I’ve never met a staff with so much drive, dedication and passion for journalism as the people I’m lucky to call my friends on the Mast Media staff.

Next year, you’re going to have such a dedicated, passionate team of journalists determined to bring you news and quality entertainment from all corners of campus. I encourage anyone interested in journalism, storytelling and making a dang good group of friends to get on board as soon as you can.

While I’m sad to be graduating and leaving Mast TV, The Mooring Mast and my underclassmen friends on the team, I know we’re leaving MastMedia in good hands. The Pacific Lutheran University community will have more stories, more entertainment and more content from Mast Media than they will be able to keep up with, because that’s what they love doing.

Student media has been such a huge part of my life the past two years that it will definitely be a little strange to not sit in on The Mooring Mast production night and attend an episode of News @ Nine every Thursday, but I know for a fact I’m leaving Mast Media with the best people possible. You’ve got this team! I’m so proud of all the work you’ve done and know I’ll be cheering you on from California. ◼︎

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