Mast Magazine Readers,

On my first week of classes in my first year at Pacific Lutheran University, I got lost. I made it to class late (a lot) and sometimes forgot when I even had class.

In my second year, I made out with a guy at a party the weekend before classes started –– then spent my first week avoiding him. Junior year, I finally had it down: I made it to all my classes. But, living off campus for the first time, I forgot to get a parking pass –– and racked up a couple hundred dollars in tickets the first two weeks.Sam September

A new school year is a new chapter for everyone –– whether it’s your first year or your fourth, it’s a time for new challenges, new beginnings and, most of all, growth.

While you’re starting a new chapter, we are too: Mast Magazine.
Mast Magazine will show up on newsstands on the last week of each month instead of The Mast, which is our weekly newspaper.

Mast Media is a conglomerate of The Mast, Mast TV, and now, Mast Magazine. Completely student-run, Mast Media aims to bring campus and community news to students, staff and alumni.

Any student can write, report and have their own television or radio show. Find us in the lower UC in room 172 behind the ASPLU office. Come by Mondays at 8 p.m. to get involved. More than anything, I want you to come in as a beginner and grow and learn a ton.

You can write for the newspaper, magazine or website. If writing isn’t your thing, you can create your own television show that airs campus-wide and online.

You can count on us for honest coverage with no strings attached. This year, we’ll look into what religion really means to students, explore student perspectives on sexuality and investigate budget cuts and rising tuition. We will strive to give the honest truth from every story we tell and admit when lines are blurred and facts aren’t clear.

I hope you enjoy our first issue of the year, I love it and I’m more than excited to start this new chapter of student media with you and my team.



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