Sometimes, even after budget cuts, pay cuts and faulty equipment, students in Mast Media get to have an absolute blast in the name of work and learning. This team, this paper and our new publication, Mast Magazine, is exactly that: FUN.

You might have already seen our first issue of Mast Magazine. Early on move in day our General Manager of Mast TV, Matthew Salzano and I hand delivered them to every dorm on campus in the hopes to get you all talking about the incredible new opportunities we’re bringing to student media.

This year, we’re offering any student, of any reporting level, the opportunity to be a part of our team. Come and write an opinion column, report on your favorite sports team, or have your own television show; really, this is a place for you to learn, explore and have fun.

In The Mast (formerly The Mooring Mast, but who knows what a Mooring is? Most of you thought it was Morning. Don’t lie.) we want to cover things you, as students, care about and can engage with. So, I’m making a promise from me to you that I’ll only put content up that I think you can connect with.

As a young adult, I’m obsessed with our Arts & Culture section this week, which covers all the music I love and have yet to listen to. Our sports section this year will also be bigger and better than ever, with a new editor Steve McGrain, who just completed an internship at ESPN, leading the way. Check out his fantasy football picks and tips throughout the season and stay up to date with our athletic program.

I hope The Mast is to Pacific Lutheran University as trashcans are to DisneyLand: you’re never more than twenty feet away from one.

If you’re interested in working with us or writing us a love letter, you can email or scream at us through one of our many social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tune in to Mast TV every Wednesday for News @ Nine and every other day for more student-produced content- who knows, you might even see some of our editors and your friends on TV one day.

As always, I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed making it. Find us every week at a news stand near you.


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