Our show this week for the Mast Radio Hour started off with a discussion about the feedback we received on the recent issue of Mast Magazine.

While this, the first full issue of Mast Magazine had a lot of readership, and that this format is an experiment for our media outlet, some students and student organizations were a little disappointed with how some of the content was presented. The editorial board of Mast Media has since introduced a clarification and apology to the readers.

We also talked about a number of police departments issuing body cameras to their on duty patrol officers, and how this may help to reduce police brutality and provide more evidence in future cases.

Brooke Thames, Arts & Culture Editor from The Mast, joined the show tonight to talk about the new art installation in Ingram Hall that is features some crochet art pieces, including ladders, food dishes, and a mannequin donning a fully crocheted outfit.

And before our Lutes athletics update, we talked about how the Christmas tradition at PLU is changing this year. This year there will not be a Christmas tree in Red Square, a decision that was apparently made by the Interim Campus Pastor, John Rosenberg.  Instead of a lighted tree and cross, the existing trees in the quad will be be lighted. According to Pastor John, “Christmas is a celebration of light.” While a tree or a cross may be important to some traditions, the celebration of light is one of the central themes of the Christmas story.

Thanks for listening to the broadcast this week!

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