by Jeff Dunn, Copy Editor

The new President and Vice President do not bring years of experience to Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University, but instead bring a fresh vision and a desire to help.

Junior Martha Spieker and Sophomore Ellie Lapp have been elected the new ASPLU President and Vice President and are ready to hit the ground running.
Spieker is a double major in Political Science and Hispanic Studies. She spoke quickly and excitedly about traveling to Spain and Norway during the spring and fall semesters of 2014, respectively. Spieker is passionate about her new position, and she wants to hear people’s stories and learn about their interests and concerns.

Ellie Lapp (left) and Martha Speiker (right) pose together before debate.
Ellie Lapp (left) and Martha Speiker (right) pose together before debate.

“I hadn’t been directly involved with ASPLU before the election,” she explained. “But we’re really excited to be present at events, and we want people to feel very comfortable approaching us.”

Spieker is also involved with Club Keithley, which connects PLU students with the Parkland community through service and outreach.

Spieker said PLU students should know that ASPLU is an advocacy organization. Their goal is for ASPLU’s focus to be shifted away from programs and events. Not that they won’t still plan and organize some events.

“We want to engage students. We want to create a space where students can have an open dialogue,” Spieker said.
Lapp is double majoring in Anthropology and Global Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She’s very interested in international nonprofits and developments. Lapp was named a peace scholar for next year and was previously employed as a tour guide on campus.

“I know it’s been a really important part of my life here at the university,” Lapp said. She said that learning so much about the university and being able to share her love of PLU with prospective students was exciting.

Lapp and Spieker are currently focused on connecting students to resources that can help them.

“People have already approached me and voiced their concerns,” Lapp said. “People can approach me and talk to me about things they’re passionate about.”

Spieker and Lapp both like to work with diverse groups of people, and they both hope that working with ASPLU will give them perspective needed to succeed outside of PLU.

“At the end of the day, we’re all human, and it’s about helping each other,” Spieker said. “What’s a better way to do that than with a position like this?”

Spieker and Lapp were sworn into office on March 31 at the weekly Senate Meeting.
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