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This year’s cast of Night of Musical Theatre is really shaking things up with “Who I’d be,” a themed show that gives performers the chance to be unconventional in a revolutionary way.

“What we’re trying to do is take songs that are from roles that are not open to us for reasons that range from race, [to] gender, [to] age,” Director Sarah Hubert said. “But by performing these songs, we’re hoping to show people a new light of our performing selves.”

Students can expect to see timeless musical pieces with surprising lead roles. From “Legally Blonde” to “The Little Mermaid,” there will be all sorts of famous characters given a surprising new twist by being portrayed by actors who wouldn’t normally get to play them.

“My number is from the musical ‘Footloose,’ and the character is Chuck Cranston. So, like, this guy who is super suave and he sexualizes everything and he’s a womanizer,” Sophomore Lydia Bill said. “I’ll probably never get to do something like this again.”

NOMPT members practice their pieces for “Who I’d Be.” (left to right: Blayne Fujita, Ben Cox, Dylan Harm, Brandon Hell and Tyler Dobies)

NOMPT also gives this energetic and charming cast great opportunities to tell new and exciting stories through acting and singing.

“I’m Elle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde,'” Sophomore Renee Tapia said. “Especially with…Elle Woods, that’s like a really cool role, but I would never get to play it because I’m short and I have dark features.”

These actors aren’t just taking on new roles. Many of these songs were written for different voices than those performing them in NOMPT.

Figuring out how to mesh their voices with the music is another challenge these Lutes have to hurdle.

While the show is full of lighthearted moments, there some surprisingly touching moments that all attendees will be talking about after they’ve seen “Who I’d be”

PLU’s Night of Musical Theatre premieres 7:30 p.m. Oct. 29-31. The show is free, and donations are encouraged.


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