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Junior James Okubo is one of the key veterans on the Pacific Lutheran Men’s Tennis team. This upcoming season is very important for the veteran.

“Our expectations for this season are to fight for every point, and give it our all for the team,” Okubo said.

As a team leader, Okubo emphasized his need to become the best player he can be when the season starts. With all emphasis on conditioning and practicing with his teammates, taking advantage of the offseason was a main priority. It isn’t just his physical attributes, though, that make him an important asset to the team.

“As a veteran of the team, I hope to lead my team by being a positive influence on and off the court,” he stressed. “I hope to show my teammates a hard work ethic, and a “want-to” attitude toward getting better everyday.”

In order to improve their record from last year, Okubo has become a positive model on which his teammates can thrive so that the team can have success. The focus for the team has always been team-oriented.

“We go through a lot of ups and downs as a team but in the end we are one big family that sticks together when times get tough,” Okubo stated.

Even though Okubo and his teammates are serious in achieving their goals on the court, the team is not just all work and no play.

In their free time, the squad can be seen playing table tennis and video games that help build a strong camaraderie.

As for Okubo, he personally enjoys the serenity of fishing with his father.

The tennis season doesn’t officially start until February, but Okubo is anxious to start preparing the team for success now.
With his leadership qualities, PLU will be a force in the Northwest Conference this year

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