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The Health Center, under new leadership, aims to continue protecting and providing for athletes throughout the spring.

Coinciding with the American College of Sports Medicine requirements, the Health Center assures that students are ready for the rigorous competition of collegiate sports.

Sports physicals are free for students. The appointments are covered by the Wellness Plan, which each Lute pays $350 dollars for per year.

“In Italy they do an EKG [a process that records electrical activity of the heart]on all athletes…high school athletes on up,” Director of the Health Center Susana Doll said.“The horrible sudden death [occurrence] can sometimes be detected through this.”

The Health Center has chosen not to perform EKG’s because of the expensive price and low risk of abnormality.

However, sudden death symptoms are still asked in the history questionnaire.

The center previously perform blood work for every athlete, but after multiple years of the practice, that requirement was removed from the testing from required physical protocol.

Each physical should take thirty minutes from paperwork to walking out the door.

Women can opt for a breast exam added to their general examination, while men receive a hernia exam and are reminded how to perform tentacular exams on themselves.

Every athlete must complete a physical before practicing and playing their sport. For first-years, this consists of a pre-participation physical. Medical, injury and family history is all covered during this time.

“The history is everything,” Doll said. “You almost never find something on a physical.”

Last year, all first-years were required to have their physical on-campus, but this year the Health Center accepts physicals performed in the last year from off-campus doctors.

For upperclassmen, a screening physical is required. Both the pre-participation physical and screening physical can be completed at the Health Center, the student’s primary provider or an emergency clinic.

After June 1, every participating student must be cleared in order to practice. Incoming first-years can complete their physical anytime after their deposit is made.

To beat the fall rush, summer and late spring appointments are an option.

Scheduling physicals early and before sports seasons start helps keep the crowds moving in and out in a timely manner.

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