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The prospies are coming.

More than 220 freshly-admitted high school seniors will flood Pacific Lutheran University’s campus for Lute OverKnight this weekend.

Formerly known as Passport Weekend, Lute OverKnight is a chance for prospective students (affectionately called “prospies”) to stay with current students and experience life at PLU. April 12-13 is the second and final Lute OverKnight for the admission season.

The Admissions Office has been working all year to bring in the best and brightest. With low enrollment over the past few years proving a difficult challenge to the university, these weekends are important to showcase life at PLU.

“Lute OverKnight brands the event more as a specifically ‘PLU’ experience,” said Admission Ambassador Coordinator and senior Michael Cargill.

This upcoming event will be the biggest of the year, with the campus at the maximum visiting capacity. The entire admissions staff and volunteer OverKnight hosts will be busy coordinating students and giving tours.

During the OverKnight program, prospective students and their hosts can participate in events across campus.

“There will be events such as the Clay Crows, HERmonic and PLUtonic, a scavenger hunt, and whatever fun the res halls will be planning,” Cargill said.

The main difference between the older Passport Weekend and Lute OverKnight is the difference in days. Passport Weekend was traditionally held from Friday to Saturday. This year, the Admission Office has moved the event to include a regular school weekday. This week students will be staying from Sunday to Monday, and spend Monday morning sitting in on classes

“Holding our admitted student program on a weeknight requires an even bigger strain on the campus community, so it has been wonderful to see students jump at the opportunity to open up their room,” said Assistant Director of Admissions Hannah Middlebrook.

As the campus, the hosts and the Admissions Office gear up for this event, the prospective students are getting ready to make an even bigger decision. With National Decision Day May 1, these campus visits are very important.

“Lute OverKnight gives such good insight on what life is like at PLU and it allows for students to truly envision what their life would be like for the next few years,” said junior Admission Ambassador Isabellah von Trapp.

With a bustling campus upcoming, prepare for the prospies. ◼︎

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