We’ve created a little how you should spend your holidays quiz that will help you get in touch with your soul..maybe. Hope you enjoyed your break!

On a typical Saturday, you like to:

  1. Stay at home to save money
  2. Hop on Rumblr to see who wants to fight
  3. Sleep
  4. Call your mom to tell her you love her

After flipping through channels, you settle on:

  1. Extreme Couponers
  2. WWE
  3. Tempurpedic commercials
  4. any Christmas special

If you won the lottery, you would:

  1. Put it in savings
  2. Become a crime fighting vigilante
  3. Buy a huge bed
  4. Buy your parents a nice house

Your ideal pet is a:

  1. Chicken (free eggs!)
  2. Big dog that likes to wrestle
  3. Gecko or something else that barely does anything
  4. Cat that you can constantly show affection to without much in return

Your idea of a scalding insult is:

  1. Someone’s fiscally irresponsible!
  2. Scaredy cat
  3. #nochill
  4. Heartless stone cold b****

Your friends are deciding where to eat, and you suggest:

  1. Taco Bell
  2. Hunting trip
  3. You don’t care
  4. You can make dinner!

Right now you wish you were wearing:

  1. Something from Goodwill
  2. The new Yeezy line
  3. Pajamas
  4. A Christmas sweater

Tally up your answers!

giphyIf you got mostly A’s, you should make homemade gifts!

Maybe you’re broke, or maybe you’re just stingy, but those holiday deals are tempting. Maybe in the meantime why not save some cash and make some presents with your own two hands! Have you seen the stuff on Pinterest these days? All you need  is a mason jar and hot glue!


If you got mostly B’s, you should play some football!giphy-2

Whoa buddy. It appears you have a lot of adrenaline to get out. If someone gets on the news for bludgeoning fellow shoppers with a KitchenAid mixer, it’s probably you. But please, spare yourself the drama of misdemeanor charges. While your family is still in town, play a little football to blow off steam.


If you got mgiphy-3ostly C’s, you should sleep!

I think you saw this one coming. In fact, I doubt you wanted to shop in the first place. You know it’s time to take a long snooze after all of that turkey eating. Sleep off that tryptophan, and remember that you have the whole week
end ahead of you to get things done. Things like more sleeping, for example.




If you got mostly D’s, you should enjoy the holidays with family!

giphy-4You clearly have a lot of love to give, and the holidays are sort of your thing. No one gives better gifts than you. Black Friday may give you the opportunity to check plenty of people off your list, but instead of leaving dinner before the potatoes are even cold so you can get those doorbuster deals, maybe give your family the gift of your presence. Enjoy that pumpkin pie.

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