A&E Writer

Imagine Dragons’ new sophomore album “Smoke + Mirrors” is both the same and different from their debut record.

Songs such as “Shots,” “Dream,” and “The Fall” are reminiscent of the sounds found on “Night Visions.”

Tracks such as “Friction,” however, present a sharp rock-esque style that is uncharacteristic of the band, but amazing nonetheless.

While most of the songs on the album are enjoyable, the record does have some setbacks.

Several songs like “Gold” and “I Bet My Life” contain sporadic bursts of screaming that are supposed to serve some purpose. In reality, they’re weird and unnecessary, and distract from the music itself.

The album also has its share of uninteresting tracks, including the title track, “Smoke and Mirrors,” and “Hopeless Opus.”

Despite being less than perfect, Imagine Dragons’ “Smoke + Mirrors” is a good album worth lending an ear to. ◼︎

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