By Zachary Boyle, News @ Nine Producer


In The Mooring Mast two weeks before Spring Break, March 6, an article called “How to Sound Smart About Penis Size” was published. It was in response to a international scientific study that looked at average penis size and girth of men around the world.

A week later, I read the letter to the editor by first-year Carly Stauffer discussing her displeasure with “How to Sound Smart About Penis Size.” I applaud her on her courage to speak out about her feelings and recognize all displeasures and concerns as valid.

However, I disagree with her assertion that this article went too far and it shouldn’t have been published. As a biology student and a male, I do not find any reason for anyone to be upset about penises, as they are a natural part of the male body. Also, many men feel their masculinity is tied to penis size as our culture emphasizes bigger is better. This study is showing college males that there is no reason to be ashamed of any part of their body.

While many may view this as unnecessary, I believe things like this should be talked about and discussed.

Junior communication major Henry Smith agrees and believes “not talking about it promotes ignorance and creates a social taboo that shouldn’t exist.”

I feel that The Mast did an excellent job in the way they reported the article. I hope that future Lutes, alumni and anyone else who reads The Mast knows that we are creating a safe environment to discuss topics like this and provides everyone with a chance to grow and understand the human body while giving men reassurance that there is no right size for penises.

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