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Emily McConnell is a returning third baseman/outfielder for the Women’s Softball team. McConnell, who received All-NWC honors last year, returns to the field with high hopes for the season. I sat down to get to know her and to hear her perspective on fall ball and the upcoming season.

Mast Media: What are you studying at PLU?
Emily McConnell: I am a biology major.

MM: What are you planning to do after you graduate?
EM: When I graduate, I would like to pursue a career in marine biology either doing research or helping in an aquarium.

MM: What is your favorite thing about playing softball at PLU?
EM: The team chemistry and all the excitement we bring to all the games and practices and just having fun together.

MM: How is fall ball going?
EM: Really well. We have a lot of new and fresh talent with both first-year and transfers. It is very exciting to see how we are all going to come together and play come the springtime.

MM: What is the biggest improvement you want to see during fall ball?
EM: This season, I would really like to see us grow together, to all become more comfortable with each other. We want to have that relationship that all good teams seem to have.

MM: What does the team chemistry look like now and how do you want it to look in January?
EM: Right now, the newcomers seem not as comfortable with all the returners as the returners are with each other. By the time season starts, I would like everyone to feel comfortable with each other. I hope that come January everyone is friends on and off the field, so we have that chemistry when we play.

MM: How are you working to build team chemistry now?
EM: Our team tries to have positive communication with each other. Outside of practice, we spend a lot of time together both working the volleyball games and team bonding.

MM: What skills are the team looking to improve on?
EM: We really want to focus on our hitting and bring in the offense that we can all bring to the field.

MM: What are five facts everyone should know about you?
EM: I have a brother who goes to PLU, I work for PLU Recreations as an intramural referee, I have been playing softball since I was six years old, I was born in Amarillo, Texas and I can’t touch my toes.

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