Steve McGrain, Sports Editor

After Monday Night Football in San Francisco last week, a video went viral of 49er fans beating a Minnesota Vikings fan until he laid motionless on the ground outside of Levi’s Stadium. He would get up with the help of security personnel, but still looked like a heavyweight fighter dancing on his toes trying to shake the cobwebs.

The beauty of sports and why I am obsessed with writing about it is because it is one of the things in the world that can bring people together no matter their background.

We marvel at athletes, simply because they can do things we have dreamed about doing since we were children.
An obsession with a player or team is fantastic. We all have those certain athletes we pay closer attention to than others, for it is the Seahawks rookie wide receiver Tyler Lockett. His impact coming out of Kansas State is inspiring, how graceful he can run through the lanes on kickoff returns or looking for an opening as he gallops towards the navy colored end zone.
I love it.

If someone said something negative about him, I would not turn around with fists of rage and begin swinging at his head in order to knock him out for disrespecting my favorite player. That is just nonsense. As fans, we go to the sporting events to watch our idols perform to the best of their abilities.

I have been a season ticket holder for the Seattle Seahawks for 4 years, even had the opportunity to attend Super Bowl 49 against the Patriots. Not once have I witnessed a fight at Centurylink, there have been stories told to me, but never a firsthand account.

Seahawks are known for voices being cranked all the way up to 12 towards the defense on the field, not for deflecting punches or kicks against an opponents fan.

At Super Bowl 49, the people around me the best fan experience ever. They had an appreciation to the game; we had to after purchasing a ticket at that price.

A significant amount of people refer to it as a corporate game because of the $1,500 dollar price of a ticket, but I found it to be invested and passionate fans cheering on the Seahawks or Patriots.

Now, there were New England fans who would cheer and it made me want the Seahawks to put up a score like the previous Super Bowl of 49-10, but I never personally wanted to throw a punch at their jaw.

I cannot fathom why fans would instigate a fight with an opposing fan.

Our intent is to go to watch the progression of the games. In 2012, there were 3520 arrests at NFL stadium due to disorderly conduct by fans.”( During Levi’s Stadium opening day last September, there were 31 arrests for alcohol-related instances toward Chicago Bears fans.

I understand people associate football with consuming massive amounts of beer, but should we not associate the game with the artistry.

Let’s get back to watching the bone-crushing hits on the field and not have our attention drawn to a fist connecting with someone’s jaw 10 feet behind the spectator.

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