Hey Lutes, it’s been quite the week on Lute Air Student Radio. Most of your fellow Lute DJs have started their shows, but there are still plenty of slots available. If you’d like to do your own show, please contact the radio station manager lasrgm@plu.edu. There are plenty of morning and weekend spots still available.

We had some technical difficulties on Monday, Sep 28. As a result, some of the shows, and even our automatic streaming that airs when live shows aren’t on, was not being heard by our listeners. Haleigh, our GM, and Jeff, one of our other station leaders, and I were all scratching our heads. Finally, we decided to just do the classic I.T. move and turn everything off, wait a little bit, then power everything back on. Sure enough, we were back on the air, streaming to our Lute audience.

As a result of those technical difficulties, our shows were a little behind schedule. My Monday night show, “The Crossroads”, which is a show dedicated the Blues, Folk, Country and Rock, started 10 minutes late. My listeners requested a Led Zeppelin song that I had to unfortunately drop from the playlist due to time constraints, but I will definitely make up for it on another broadcast.

On Tuesday night, The Mast Radio Hour went off without a hitch. My music selections between news stories ended up being a “Tossback Tuesday”, especially with “Dirty Little Secret” by The All American Rejects, which was released 10 years ago! Time sure flies, but the song was a great lead in to my live interview with fellow Lute, David Leon. This was a first for The Mast Radio Hour having a live interview in studio. David is quite the outspoken person on campus, and although we talked about the serious topic of freedom of speech on campus, the interview was fun. We also took video of the interview, so it will be up soon. Expect a full article on the subject hitting The Mast very soon.

Thanks for listening this week, and let me know what you all think about my two shows.


Eddie J. McCoven

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Eddie J. McCoven is a music maker, public speaker, writer, media personality, Libertarian, and follower of Christ. Originally from the Desert Southwest, Eddie studied at San Diego Mesa College before completing his BA in Communication from Pacific Lutheran University. While at PLU, Eddie was a writer and Program Director for Mast Media and Lute Air Student Radio. He also worked at 88.5 FM, formerly KPLU. In addition to Student Media and Public Radio, Eddie also sang with the University Men's Chorus, Choral Union, and Chapel Choir, and was active in Campus Ministry.