Terran’s Take: Coachella 2015 Drama

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival ended April 19th, giving us a lot to talk about with the drama that occurred over the 6 day shows.

From rapper Tyler the Creator yelling “f— you” to Kendall Jenner, to Madonna leaving Drake in disgust after an on-stage makeout session, Coachella did not disappoint as expected.

The music festival, known for its “boho style” fashion – if I dare to even call it fashion (more like disaster) has been increasingly gaining popularity every year.

This year’s lineup included AC/DC, alt-J, FKA Twigs, Florence + the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, and the Weeknd among the nearly 200 music guests.

While the festival lasted 6 whole days, here are the only things you need to know to stay in the loop:

Cultural Appropriation
The first thing you need to know about Coachella is about the fashion. It’s considered “boho chic” and has almost become a fashion movement with stores creating “Coachella” lines, like H&M.

But it’s really not “boho chic”; it’s basically white girls appropriating the culture of others. Crowds are filled with girls wearing Native American headdresses and Indian bindis, to name a few.

Native American foundations and groups have partnered up with a petition for Coachella to even change their rules and policies to stop the cultural appropriation, calling it a “One Stop Cultural Appropriation Festival”.

Completely agree with their petition – taking on someone’s culture for your fashion fun, while refusing to accept them wearing them in everyday life is not acceptable. It’s time for a change.

Marina and the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds played the Coachella festival for her very first time this year – and didn’t appropriate anyone’s fashion. Not only was her main set one of the first shows for her new album “FROOT”, but she surprised the crowd and joined Clean Bandit on stage last Saturday.

With Clean Bandit, Marina performed a never-before-heard song she wrote with the band, as they are good friends.

The song is called “Disconnect”, where Marina belts out lyrics like “Need to look after myself, Yeah I need to take a breath, Need to look after my health, Yeah I need to disconnect.”

For fans, the song sounded as if it belonged on “FROOT”, which Marina later confessed to Billboard (in an interview at the festival) that she’s working on a possible re-release/repackaging of “FROOT”!

You can watch the official performance video (the only time it’s been played) here: https://vimeo.com/124722479

Tyler the Creator
Tyler the Creator was on stage Saturday, and gave somewhat of a rant about rich kids and celebrities buying out exclusive front row VIP spots.

Tyler started with “Y’all the n—-s that got money and paid extra,’ he told the VIP section. Then he added “F— all y’all, y’all boring. Everybody that’s in the real crowd, though, I f— with y’all. Y’all gonna have a good time.”

‘These motherf—ers too cool,’ he said before singling out Kendall Jenner who stood at the very front of the outdoor stage.

“We got f—in’ Kendall Jenner here. Kendall Jenner over here thinking she cute and s—,” he yelled.

Twitter exploded immediately with pictures of Kendall flipping Tyler the bird, but appears to be happily joking about it, as the two have hungout before.

Tyler eventually tweeted Kendall, clearing the air that the two really are pals and it was all meant in good fun.

Celebrity Attendees Kylie Jenner wasn’t the only celebrity attending the festival. Like every year, the celebrity guests are growing in number and in anticipation. This year the celebrity attendees included: Beyonce who wore a $7,980 outfit – which is not the definition of “boho chic” Kendall Jenner and Fergie as well as Kendall Jenner with model Hailey Baldwin Celebrity couple Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid And Hilary Duff.

But trust me, there was hundreds more, as the festival has basically become a poser Woodstock festival, with rich kids pretending to be in casual, everyday clothes (but Beyonce proved that they’re just posers). Madonna and Drake The most important thing you need to know about 2015’s Coachella is about Madonna and Drake. Madonna and Drake joined each other onstage for a performance – which makes literally no sense – but that’s not what’s important.

What’s important is Madonna grabbed Drake during the show while he sat in a chair, and she stood behind him. She grabbed his face and started making out with him.

I mean, come on Madonna we’ve seen it before. Remember when she made out with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilar on stage?

This shows how desperate she is. Along with the dress shirt she wore to perform that said “Big As Madonna” across the front.

But Drake put his arms up, almost looking like he was trying to rip her away, and when the kiss was over he rubbed his face with a look of disgust and yelled to the crowd “What the f— just happened?!”

After pictures and videos of Drake’s disgust went viral, he went on damage control posting on Instagram that he wasn’t disgusted.

Instead he wrote that he was in shock but in a different interview he said he was disgusted by her lipgloss…