by Samantha Lund, News Editor

We read dozens of articles, news stories and feature pieces from outlets all over. Each week we will post the best of the best from the articles we’ve read. You can check out our inspiration for these pieces here.


Giant Oscar Statue Snorting Cocaine has appeared on Hollywood Boulevard: Installations by the street artist Plastic Jesus have been appearing Hollywood, including his most recent one of the Oscar’s statue snorting cocaine on a Hollywood corner.

I spent 3 minutes inside a -264 degree Cryotherapy machine. In this article, Jessica Silvester visits a Cryotherapy office and tries out the new technology of essentially freezing a body to look and feel like new by getting a bit cold.


Look out – He’s got a phone!  Phones are getting too smart. In Vanity Fair, the article explains how new technology is exposing us to new forms of abuse and even, dare we say, murder.

Valentines Day was Tinder’s Biggest Day Ever. Tinder use, matches and messages all boomed over Valentines weekend, giving Tinder a nice boost.


“Nope, you’re dead now” One man tells the story of how he was kidnapped, beaten and almost set on fire but happened to survive. He says it actually made him into a happier person.

A guy found a homeless man reading the same book over and over for months so he gave him his kindle. The best part? The guy made the kindle manageable, loaded it up, gave him a charger and is planning on continuing to give him kindle books so he never has to worry. What a beautiful story, check it out. ◼︎

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