Lutes started carrying the mattress in Red Square in front of Karen Hillie Phillips Center during Chapel Break on Monday morning. Before participating in the walk, students had to sign waivers allowing their pictures to be taken and acknowledging what they were doing and why they were there. From Red Square, the students went into the UC, down the stairs and circled back to KHP.

This Matrix article is written in response to the Feminist Student Union’s “Carry That Weight” event, which Samantha Lund wrote about in the Mar. 13 issue of The Mast.

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On March 9th, a group of PLU students gathered in Red Square to carry a mattress. These students weren’t helping a friend move to a new house or anything like that – rather, they were protesting sexual assaults on college campuses.

The idea of carrying a mattress to protest sexual assaults and rape culture began with Emma Sulkowitz of Columbia University. She began carrying her own mattress to protest the way that Columbia was handling her own case of sexual assault and the fact that the university allowed her assaulter to remain on campus.

The Feminist Student Union was inspired by that idea and decided to help #carrythatweight and further create discussions about rape culture and sexual assault on the PLU campus. The rest of the nation will be following suit on April 13th, the National Day of Action for students to help carry that weight together. On that day, other schools across the country will be holding protests to carry mattresses, much like Emma Sulkowicz and the FSU already has.

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