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Times Square

On foot or taking the subway to Times Square is well worth the time. The giant billboards, energetic people and phenomenal shopping is unlike any other place in New York. Keep moving and put your map away to avoid being labeled a tourist. Tourists in the square are constantly begged for money.  (Free)

Central Park

The park spans 40 blocks on the Upper East Side of New York and can fill an entire day worth of activities. From Strawberry Fields, Ice Skating and running around the Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir, all ages can enjoy what the park has to offer. Wear comfy shoes and ask the information desk for a map of the park before entering. (Free- $5 for skating)

Staten Island Ferry

The ferry runs all day until 11:30 p.m. The ferry leaves from Lower Manhattan and arrives at the Staten Island Ferry dock. The round trip ride is free and can be used as transportation to see Station Island or a quick activity to see the Statue of Liberty and watch the city lights. (Free)

Museum of Natural History

The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. and has its own subway stop. Across the street from Central Park, the museum is an interactive destination that was the set of the film, Night at the Museum. Tickets are a suggested amount which means guests can make a donation from $1 on up for whatever price they want to pay. ($1 on up)

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is worth the extended travel time to see a historical New York landmark. The bridge has both walking and driving lanes and allows for dynamic views of both Manhattan Island and Brooklyn. Crossing the bridge provides for a perfect opportunity to save money on a full subway ride out of the city and gives the perfect picture background. (Free)

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