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Airfare across the Atlantic is not cheap. Finding the best price takes dedication but it is worth the time and effort to find cheap flights. Consistently checking flight aggregation sights like Kayak or CheapOAir can help save big.

Take carry-on baggage only and don’t check luggage. It makes travel easier and helps resist buying things in country that won’t fit in your pack.

Budget airlines and bus companies are everywhere. They aren’t the most comfortable of rides, but you’ll have enough money saved to buy yourself a nice dinner after to ease the pain.

Read about where you are going. This seems obvious, but when you know what’s around you can budget both time and money accordingly.

Scoop up student or youth deals when visiting museums, historical sights or national parks. It can pay to be a poor college student!

Cook for yourself! European food is delicious, but buy consciously. Instead of eating out all the time, save your money for a really nice meal. A baguette, cheese and some meat makes for a cheap lunch and is oh so Euro.

Hostels in popular destinations are not always the cheapest option. Check with companies such as AirB&B or Even scan through Facebook for some long lost friends who might be abroad and have a bed to crash on. What do you prefer, a sixteen-person dorm room or a private apartment at the same price?

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