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Traveling with a backpack is a challenge that has endless rewards. Flying on an airplane allows passengers to bring one carry on and one personal bag. This can equate to a backpack and a purse for those passengers who don’t wish to check a bag.

Checking a bag is a hassle and costs $15-$25 per bag depending on the airline. Checking a larger bag also includes waiting for the bag after getting to the destination, which can be a pain.

Instead of paying for a suitcase, ditch the extra outfit options and commit to packing less and only bringing a carry on.

What to pack

Before deciding what to bring, assess how long the trip is and what types of activities will be done while you are there. Always pack less because most things can be purchased at the destination and do not need to be brought on the plane.

For week-long trips, two pairs of pants, two shirts, one sweater, one pair of shoes and a jacket are plenty. When planning the outfits for the week, include the clothes that will be worn on the plane. If an item is not going to be worn at least three times, leave it at home.

Depending on the climate of the destination, clothing items will be switched out. Instead of a scarf and gloves, a swimsuit and sunglasses might be more appropriate.

Do not pack towels, socks, umbrellas or other accessories along this line. Those things can be bought once you land and do not need to take up space in the backpack.

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