Stock up on free beer and wine. On trans-Atlantic flights there are pillows, blankets, warm meals and yes, free booze — if you’re of the right age. No longer stuck with freezing toes and sore necks! My British Airways flight even gave out eye shades. I drank my wine happily and snuggled into my blanket- gratis.

Catch up on all the movies you’ve missed. Movies in the real world are expensive, time consuming and definitely not easy to get to during midterms. Luckily the big jet airliners have movies, television shows, music and old school games right on the back of the seat. I totally missed out on a lot of the great movies of the year. I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I gorged on the free flicks while my awaiting homework lie underneath the seat in front of me.

Sleep. What is one thing that we all wish we had more of? Answer: sleep. You’ve got 9 hours and a free blanket to catch up on all the sleep you’ve missed. There is no excuse.

Write lists, such as “What To Do on a 9-Hour Flight”. There is so much time to organize your life and everything you see. If you aren’t into lists, you can write, read, meditate. Treat your self! It’s no better time for some self-care while you sit next 4 inches away from a stranger.

Do homework. If you must. ◼︎

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