Libby Postovoit, Guest Writer

New Resident Directors with a mission joined campus this year looking to bring change. This year, PLU welcomed Paul Metellus as Resident Director of Pflueger and Tolulope “Tolu” Taiwo as Resident Director of Hong and Hinderlie. Though the new RDs hail from diverse backgrounds and hope to build up the Lute community in different ways, they are united in their capable leadership and passion for serving students.

Paul Metellus, Resident Director of Pflueger

Why PLU:

paul“I work with a lot of great people in PLU’s Housing and Residential Life. And the students. They’re why I’m here. I went into this field because I love working with college-level students and I love helping them develop into who their full potential can be. There’s a lot of great interactions that happen with students here at PLU.”

Most embarrassing moment at PLU (so far):

“When I first moved in during the summer. I was sitting in the first floor lounge. People were just staring at me. I was like, ‘Why are they staring at me? Oh, maybe they’ve never seen me before.’ They were definitely thinking, ‘Who is this person coming out of the RD apartment?’ It was really funny, a little awkward, a little embarrassing, especially because I was in my very casual ‘I’m at-home’ clothes.”

How he wants to impact PLU:

“A couple of things. I want to give my students a positive experience, help them think about something differently, help them grow, and help them think more critically about what they will do with their passions. I want to help build up res life. We have a lot of great resident directors who have done great work. My goal at the end of my time at PLU is to have as much of a positive impact as they had.”

Tolulope “Tolu” Taiwo, Resident Director of Hong and Hinderlie

Why PLU:

tolu“PLU is a very special place, it’s a very friendly place, but it’s also a purposeful place. This school has a lot of values that resonate with me. And I love working with college kids because they’re at the point in their lives where they’re trying to figure what they want to do for their career or they’re trying to figure out who they are. I love working in Res Life at PLU because I’m among so many awesome students who are figuring things out. ”

What she is most excited to share with the Lute community:

“I want to build a lot of connections between Hong and Hinderlie. Hinderlie and Hong share task forces, so all the R.A’s, RHC members, and faculty members come together to plan events and initiatives for students. The last R.D. started that. I want to continue that, bringing my skills in building teams. Team-building and team recognition are two of my biggest strengths and favorite things. I’m really excited to change things up a little bit, but maintain the great work people have been doing over the past couple of years.”

Most embarrassing PLU moment (so far):

“I was making dinner, and I accidentally cooked chicken for too long, so the fire alarm went off for a little bit. But it was the right time to have that happen because A) I learned that the fire alarm works, which is awesome, B) it was a good cooking lesson, and C) there were no students around.”

How she wants to impact PLU:

“I want to create a place for students to feel at home. Feeling at home and belonging is very important to me. At the end of the day, I want to be that RD known for creating a safe home and belonging environment for my students.”


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