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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Visiting Writer Series at Pacific Lutheran University.

Over the past 10 years, PLU has welcomed more than 50 authors to read their work and share their insights on writing to students and the public.

The final author of this year’s series, Adrianne Harun, came Feb. 26.

Harun teaches at The Rainier Writing Workshop, PLU’s Master of Fine Arts program for creative writing.

Harun read from her most recent work, a novel entitled “A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain.” It tells the story of five friends living near a highway where many women and girls have gone missing and the strangers that come to their small town.

Harun said she was inspired by the real events of the Highway of Tears, along Highway 16 in British Columbia, Canada, where aboriginal women and girls have gone missing and some found murdered.

“It was cool to hear the background to the story,” junior Rebecca Bowen said. “It gave me some insight to the process of writing and creating characters.”

Bowen also commented on the structure of Harun’s story and how it switched from the narrative of the five friends to brief vignettes, and said it was important for students to know “it’s okay to let yourself play with formatting.”

Sophomore Lois Yi liked hearing from someone who “has a foothold in the industry” and “is relevant and accessible.”

Junior Fae Pickering aspires to become an author, and listening to Harun reminded her to “write what’s in your head” and not care what others think.

The event was held in the Anderson University Center’s Regency Room. Though the room was large in size, the small attendance made for an intimate setting.

The Visiting Writers Series will continue next year, bringing more authors to campus. ◼︎

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