LollaPLUza fashion done right

So LollaPLUza is your opportunity to show off your super-grunge-i’m-so-hipster-rebel look, and we’ve got some suggestions to get you there.

Ladies! Anything flowy goes, that’s cardigans, dresses, skirts, feathers in your hair…we want it all.


High-waisted ripped denim shorts are a comfortable cute go-to as well, pair them with a strappy back tank, a cute hat and you’re golden like the sun ray we know you are.
strappy back

Last but not least, the comfiest beast, a romper. Rocking a romper is so cute and so easy. Pair it with seven rings and some 60’s sunglasses and you’re set-to-jet.romper


Now gentleman, we have a couple of suggestions for you too (we would never forget you). If you’ve ever seen Coachella photos, you’d know that Austin Butler wins the award for best outfit every time, every stinking time. Take your pick, there’s plenty of options.


portland carpet

Up here in the PNW we are all fans of the Portland Airport Carpet, are we not? So, if you can recreate this outfit with The Carpet, we will buy you one whole Domino’s pizza of your choosing.

Hopefully we’ve helped you out a little in choosing your Lolla outfit, snap us a pic of your final decisions @mastmedia! 🅼

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