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Francesca Guecia
Francesca Guecia

Musical theatre often equates to energetic, over-the-top and iconic. Night of Musical Theatre: As We Stumble Along, directed by junior Lydia Bill, did not disappoint.

Even people who don’t know musical theatre know songs like “America” from “West Side Story,” “You’re the One That I Want” from “Grease” or even “The Phantom of the Opera” from the musical of the same name. Exciting dance numbers mixed with dramatic ballads made for fun nights in the theatre.

Morgan Blake and Elizabeth Kulus
Morgan Blake and Elizabeth Kulus

With numbers from various musicals compiled into one show, there was a song for everyone to enjoy. Accompanied by live music, each performance accented a certain performer due to the minimalist set design and all-black attire of each vocalist or dancer.

One of the stand-out performances was “Get Out and Stay out” from the musical “9 to 5,” sung by senior  Ally Atwood. With two spotlights on stage, Atwood channeled her inner Dolly Parton during the performance. This song talked about leaving an abusive relationship, and standing on one’s own – domestic violence being an issue many people may face today.

Relatable lyrics weren’t the only thing that drew me to this performance — the emotion that Atwood portrayed through her voice gave me chills. High notes were belted with ease, and Atwood was rewarded by a resounding applause.

Another notable performance came from junior Lydia Bill and sophomore Blayne Fujita, who sang “Class,”  a song about the decline of manners and politeness in the 1920s, from the musical “Chicago.” With a jazzy feel, this number was hilarious, elegant and ironic.

Bill’s and Fujita’s voices complemented each other as they sang strong harmonies at the climax of the song. They entertained the audience with charm and, you guessed it, class.

The most heart-rending number came from senior Ally Atwood, junior John Doster and sophomore Emma Deloye in the number “The I Love You Song” from “The 25th Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee.”rightsideup

Each performer stood within their own spotlight, then moved closer to each other as the song progressed. Deloye, Doster and Atwood sang with heartfelt emotion, making the abrupt ending of the song even more meaningful. This was the most abstract number of the night, but it worked in the performance’s favor.

Overall, each number was executed excellently. From the music to the singing and dancing, I was entertained for the whole show. “As We Stumble Along (Reprise)” from “The Drowsy Chaperone” ended the show, with all the actors standing at the front of the stage.

The actors received a standing ovation: a perfect end to a great show. 🅼

Tanner Peavey, Jacob Viramontes, Matt Kusche, Luke Hartley, Blayne Fujita and Michael GreerKatie Wee
Tanner Peavey, Jacob Viramontes, Matt Kusche, Luke Hartley, Blayne Fujita and Michael GreerKatie Wee

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