After Hours

For the Buzzfeed Quiz, we took “What Horror Movie Would You Actually Star In?” which followed a series of questions involving favorite horror movies, best horror era, and which type of killer we would choose to face. For the results of our quiz, check out After Hours on Mast Media.

Our ‘Would You Rather?’ segment was “Horror Movie” themed with questions all involving which killer we would rather be stuck with, which horror movie we’d rather be in, and what killers are scarier. To get the full list of questions, check out the show and find out what was asked.  

For 60 Seconds of Sports, Kyle quized Ramy on how well he knew his material and if he would be able to discuss all his topics under 60 seconds. Luckily, Ramy was able to get through all his questions right at the one minute mark. Yay!

Our text message segment discussed Kyle and his conversation with his dad about his upcoming 22nd birthday party, as well as Ramy and his conversations with his friends. Again, no scandalous text messages this week, sorry not sorry.

On the topic of Art & Culture, LollaPLUza officially announced the COMPLETE lineup for this years music festival which includes local Seattle artist Dave B, 60’s cinematic rock artist Prom Queen, and electro-pop group NAVVI. The Edvard Munich Art Gallery opened on PLU last weekend, with some great art created by students and local artists. Finally, Coachella (weekend 2) has come to an end and thus ending this year’s Coachella Music Festival. Tickets for next year go on pre-sale June 1st. For those that have suggestions for future shows, check us out on Facebook – After Hours with Ramy and Kyle.

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