1. Run on the field

Don’t be that person. Over the years there have been streakers and protestors that think that running on the field and disrupting the game is the funniest thing in the world. Running on the field only distracts players and makes security’s job hard. It also means a one way ticket out of the stadium and usually comes with a hefty fine. Advice from a long time sports fan: just don’t even think about it.

giphy (9)

2. Catch a live ball

You may be reading this and think, “Who would ever do something so stupid?” The answer is a lot of people and one even changed the course of history. A man named Steve Bartman reached for a fair ball in the middle of an MLB postseason game and cost the Cubs the championship. Did I mention that Bartman was a Cubs fan? Bartman even received death threats because of his actions. So if you sit close to the field, keep your hands inside the stands at all times.

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3. Get too drunkgiphy (11)

Sports and alcohol go hand in hand. But drunk fans and sports do not go well together. Drunk fans are loud and obnoxious and can ruin the game for other fans. Sports games are meant to be family friendly events that serve alcohol for the pleasure of the fans. Don’t plan on going to a Mariners game the night you turn 21. Stick to the two beer buying limit. ◼︎

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