giphy (6)1. Eat garlic fries

Any seasoned Mariners fan knows that the stadiums garlic fries are the best in the league. Crispy hot french fries covered in garlic pieces come with two apple slices. Sorry to say but two small slices of apple won’t save your breath from this amount of garlic. Advice from this editor: if you take your special friend on a date to the Mariners, this may be a treat you save for the next game!

2. Catch a foul ball

Not all of us can be as cool as this super mom, but you can catch a foul ball at a Mariners game. The best seats for catching a foul ball are behind first and third base, at least five rows back. Technically you could catch a foul ball anywhere in the stadium, but those seats are your best shot! If you do sit in those seats, make sure to pay attention to the game and don’t keep spillable drinks anywhere a crazy fan might spill them.giphy (7)

3. Get an autograph

Need to earn a few extra bucks to get you through the semester? Get an autograph from Robinson Cano and sell it on Ebay. The going rate is $60. But seriously, head to the game early and hang out by the dugout and you might just be lucky enough to have some big names sign your stuff.giphy (8)

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