After Hours


For the Buzzfeed Quiz, we took “Can We Guess What High School Stereotype You Were?” which followed a series of questions involving our high school habits and classes we enjoyed. Ramy received “Mysterious Loner” and Kyle received “The Cool Kid.”

Our ‘Would You Rather?’ questions consisted of 10 different questions ranging from what situations you’d rather be put in, life questions, and different powers you’d rather have . To get the full list of questions, check out the show and find out what was asked.  

For 60 Seconds of Sports, Kyle quized Ramy on how well he knew his material and if he would be able to discuss all his topics under 60 seconds. Unfortunately, Ramy wasn’t able to get through everything this week and will try again next week.

Our text message segment discussed Kyle and his group chat with his friends about the Grad Gift Trivia Night, as well as Ramy and his weekend plans with some friends. Again, no scandalous text messages this week, sorry about it.

On the topic of Art & Culture, PLU’s Grad Gift is going on with efforts to raise money for the Class of 2016’s gift to the university. Tune into the show or check out the Grad Gift Facebook page (links down below) to learn more or make a donation. For those that have suggestions for future shows, check us out on Facebook – After Hours with Ramy and Kyle.

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