This week on After Hours with Ramy and Kyle, we had our usual weekly segments: Buzzfeed Quiz, ‘Would You Rather?’, 60 Seconds of Sports, Text Messages, and finally our Arts and Culture Article.

For the Buzzfeed Quiz, we took “What Do Your Social Media Habits Say About You?” which followed a series of questions involving how we interact and post on various social media outlets. Ramy received “Shy and Self-conscious” and Kyle received “Serious and Cerebral,” which we agree with some of the time.

Our ‘Would You Rather?’ questions consisted of 10 different questions ranging from topics of what age would you rather have a kid to what situation would you rather be stuck in. None of the questions went above a PG-13 rating, however there were some sexual references.

For 60 Seconds of Sports, Kyle quized Ramy on how well he knew his material and if he would be able to discuss all his topics under 60 seconds. Unfortunately, Ramy was not able to remember all the facts this week but the facts he was able to talk about he got correct.

Our text message segment discussed Kyle and discussing his group chat for a business meeting, as well as Ramy and his conversations with his roommates about Game and Thrones. For those that have suggestions for future shows, check us out on Facebook – After Hours with Ramy and Kyle.  ◼︎

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