Mission Statement: We are a group of students of marginalized identities that began by planning PLUforMIZZoU and recognize the many injustices and inequalities that exist within PLU. We call ourselves “The Collective” and our goal is to be advocates for the importance of all voices, identities, and people that exist together in collective space. We hope to accomplish these goals through grassroots and lateral organizing.

Compiled Priorities:

Until such time as these needs are met, the administration of the university is knowingly guilty of perpetuating discriminatory actions against its student body. We present this compilation of student-driven priorities to Pacific Lutheran University, with the expectation that our university will immediately implement systemic changes to address student needs.

Beginning the first week of Fall of 2016,

A comprehensive set of annual mandatory trainings and workshops for and facilitated by faculty, staff, and students that emphasizes PLU’s commitment to eliminating identity based discrimination and harassment on campus and in the classroom. These trainings would serve to perpetuate campus norms of critical reflection, sustainable dialogue, and active by-standing as tools to help students recognize and prevent identity-based discrimination by their peers, faculty, and the administration.

Beginning the first week of Fall of 2016,

Trainings must be directly linked to the implementation of an anonymous reporting system such as the currently inactive Bias Incident Response Team in order to build and sustain a safe living and learning environment for all students, faculty and staff.

To be installed no later than December 2017,

A recognition, marked by a formal statement published by email to all students, staff, and faculty, as well as in the Mooring Mast, the Matrix, and ResoLUTE, acknowledging that the university is located on unjustly seized Nisqually and Steilacoom land. This recognition must be further memorialized by the creation of a public memorial in Red Square.

Beginning Fall of 2016,

The new strategies for enrollment must be created and enacted in conjunction with equal emphasis placed on developing and funding specific services and other institutional support systems for the retention of people of color at PLU; as well as their academic and emotional success.

Discussions beginning immediately,

Radical changes in institutional practices regarding enrollment and financial assistance. Such changes are to be reflected in the university’s Philosophy of Enrollment alongside scholarship and financial assistance practices. We aspire to the day where not only our student population reflects our surrounding community, but also that our scholarship and financial aid funding reflect the diverse identity makeup of this community as well.

To be placed on the agenda on the Educational Policy Committee immediately, and a plan of action created in Fall of 2016,

A comprehensive reform to the core educational curriculum that ensures that all students leave the university being more aware of the current and historical issues surrounding disenfranchised identities, as well as possessing the ability to thoughtfully engage with topics of discrimination and oppression in many contexts. Additionally, students should graduate with an understanding in how to advocate for justice alongside traditionally disenfranchised groups. ◼︎

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