Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University senate elections were held Sept. 22- 23 and five students were elected to new positions.

Two first-years were elected for the position of at-large senators.

Kennedy Gwin ran on a platform of implementing hall-wide community service projects that directly benefit the Parkland area.

Cecile Lancaster focused her message to voters on gender inclusiveness in classrooms and on campus, including creating for more gender inclusive bathrooms on campus, especially in athletic buildings.

The new class of 2020 senators hope to make PLU a home and reality for more students.

Nathaniel McDonald told voters he will strive to make everyone feel like PLU is a safe place to live, explore and call home.

Carson Bergstrom ran with the goals of improving relations with local schools and helping potential first-generation college students find programs to help make college a reality for them.

A junior was chosen to replace Amelia Brummel as class of 2018 senator. Brummel stepped down from the position earlier in September.

Alex Lund told voters he would help provide students with study resources for important graduate school admission tests with the goal of improving acceptance rates while removing a financial barrier for PLU students.

There was a voter turnout of 15.2% of the student body and 469 total ballots cast, according to ASPLU. ◼︎

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