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As everyone is probably aware, Sunday Feb. 7 was the 50th Super Bowl. For people like me who don’t even attempt to understand football, watching the commercials is more fun than watching the actual game. Although I preferred the commercials in 2015, there were a few gems this year as well.

“First Date” – Hyundaifirst date

This commercial for Hyundai vehicles features Kevin Hart following his daughter on her first date with a new guy. The vehicle’s car finder tool allows him to see every location his daughter and her date go to. Hart, of course, follows along and pops up at every single venue. The date eventually freaks out and drives Hart’s daughter home. I can’t speak for everyone, but having a parent follow me on a date is basically my worst nightmare. After watching this commercial, I hope my dad never buys a Hyundai.

“Ultrasound” – Doritosultrasound

For those of you out there who had planned on bringing a bag of Doritos to an ultrasound – which I hope is no one – you won’t want to after watching this commercial. The father-to-be is eating a bag of doritos at the ultrasound. The mother of the baby obviously gets angry and tosses the bag across the room. The baby lunges out of you-know-where and tries to reach for it. At this point all you can hear is screaming. I officially never want to eat Doritos again. 

“Drop the Ball” – T-mobiledrop the ball

T-mobile knows how to make good commercials. I loved 2015’s “Hot Line Bling” commercial, and I love “Drop the Ball” even more. Pretty much everyone remembers when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. His goof likely got more attention than the actual winner, Miss Philippines. In this sketch, Steve Harvey makes fun of himself for announcing the wrong winner by correcting some of the figures presented in the commercial. This time, he says, “Verizon got it wrong, not me.” You go, Steve Harvey.

“Brotherly Love” – Coca-Cola

Of course Coca-Cola had to have more than one commercial, but my favorite is the one in which the older brother keeps picking on the younger one. Having a younger brother myself, brotherly loveI completely relate to this situation. Throughout the commercial, the older brother pulls a series of pranks on the younger one – moving headphones out of reach and hogging an umbrella, trapping the younger brother in the rain. But when it comes down to someone else picking on the younger brother by  trying to steal his coke, the older brother steps in and saves the day. Of course he has to tip the bottle in his brother’s face and spill it, but it’s still a nice gesture.

“Weiner Stampede” – Heinz

Dogs. Running. In hot dog buns. Need I say more? It’s basically the cutest thing ever. I feel so jealous of the people who got to be in this commercial. Having a dog run at me actually wanting to jump into my arms is my dream. Heinz, please consider me for your next commercial including dogs.heinz

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