The word that would best describe Pacific Lutheran University’s Dance Continuum, which took place April 8-9, is undoubtedly “diversity.”

Directed by PLU theatre professor and Director of Dance Ariella Brown, the program featured more than 50 student dancers and showcased variety through choreography and 6

Before the program, several dancers performed pre-show improvisations. Their freedom from formal themes and willingness to experiment with different techniques set the tone for the rest of the program. The audience met this year’s Dance Continuum with positive reception because its wide array of emotions and styles allowed for greater expression.

With choreography incorporating elements of hip-hop, step, swing and modern dance, Brown, guest choreographers and student choreographers represented the varying tastes of PLU’s student body.

Though not the main focus of the Dance Continuum, the variation of musical genres enhanced the quality of the program. Pop songs, timeless jazz selections and original songs written by PLU students fit well together and framed unique stories for the dancers to tell through their movement.

Dance 5Audience favorites from the program included “All We Got (Girls),” a fast-paced swing dance number choreographed by senior Virak Pheng, and “Calypso,” a lively step piece choreographed by senior Lute Nation co-captain Johanne Madsen and sophomore Yadira Avendano.

Stand-out dancers from the program included first-year Erin Baker, sophomore Lauren Castle, first-year Kseniya Larsh, first-year Hannah Mortimer, sophomore Claire Saitta and sophomore Tessa Wright.

“I had a lot of fun,” said Baker, who danced in six of the 13 pieces, “I loved all the different dance styles. Not having the same stuff made it interesting for me and for the audience.”dance 4

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