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Deadpool is redefining the movie experience. Deadpool’s lack of rules allows him to do practically whatever he wants on screen. There is strong mature content, gory deaths and inappropriate humor just as all Deadpool fans had hoped.

The viewers do not need hardly any comic book knowledge to enjoy this film. The only information a person needs to know is Deadpool has no rules. He constantly breaks the fourth wall and makes fun of many things we suspend our belief for in other superhero movies.

Ryan Reynolds has a turn around performance from his last superhero appearance as the Green Lantern. He even mocks his own performance during the movie.

deadpoolThe aesthetic Deadpool brings to the screen is practically unseen before. He is a loveable and crooked individual. He pursues solely his own interests, is rude and uses any joke that comes to mind at any time.

Compared to most superhuman figures, Deadpool has a charm that makes him much more relateable. The audience feels very connected to Deadpool because of this relatability, which is only increased by him breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the audience.

There is a lot of nudity and very raw sexual humor. The creators wanted an “R” rated film, and they used that rating to the full extent. It was over the top, but Deadpool is over the top. With the plethora of Superhero movies that have been coming out lately, the dirtiness is a change of pace that makes this movie unique and worth watching.

In hindsight, the movie may have been a little long. However, it is worth every minute. There is plenty of plot, action and jokes to keep an audience entertained.

Deadpool will not be drowning in Oscars, but it is sure to make you laugh out loud, and give anyone a great movie going experience. ◼︎

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