This election season has been marred by scandal, hostility and confusion, so it’s understandable why many registered Lute voters plan on leaving certain issues on their ballots blank. This decision is irresponsible.

As voters, we have a difficult but necessary task ahead of us. Our choices in the general and presidential elections will determine the policies and social culture the next generation will inherit. This critical decision-making requires compassionate, intentional voting.

Pacific Lutheran University’s values of diversity, justice and sustainability provide a strong framework for uncertain voters.

Our nation faces terrifying levels of division, as demonstrated by violence against marginalized identities and polarization between the two major political parties.

Lutes must help mend these rifts by supporting local and Congressional leaders who value the rights and ideas of people from all perspectives.

Lutes must vote deliberately for our next president. In order to encourage the growth of diversity and justice, we must support candidates and policies that can last.

Lutes must vote for the candidate who would choose the best Supreme Court justices, as their rulings shape governmental operations and social views for generations to come.

The future of our nation and world is uncertain, even frightening. But it is important to remember that this is our nation and our world.

Through our votes, Lutes have the potential to leave our communities and our government better than we found them.

So vote courageously, compassionately and intentionally — vote the PLU way.

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